Getting back to where I want to be….

After an initial moment of enthusiasm life got in the way of this blog. But I’m back! And I’m feeling motivated!!!

After a long break (32 years!!!) I’ll be going back to university in September to to study for a master’s in Physiotherapy.

In preparation I’ve started doing some pre-reading. The first article I chose was by Nina Paterson who asked , “What do you need to do to achieve your goal?”

Theses are my five initial thoughts:

*create a decent space for learning

*systematic revision of anatomy and physiology

*improve my own fitness

*be more organised

*read and write everyday

The danger for me is that i start off with good intentions and then nothing happens. But this time it’s about my future. Achieving a long held ambition of becoming a physiotherapist.

So, today’s goals are:

1. Run 7 miles, stretch and do some strength work

2. Read part 2 of Nina Paterson

3. Sort out my learning space

4. Write something else on this blog!!!

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