Doing something is better than doing nothing. Or, get on your bike and ride!! 🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♀️

I’m on the road to nowhere……

The Prime Minister, at the end of July, urged us all to get on our bikes to slim down and beat COVID-19. He made a direct link with being overweight and being infected by the virus. In his own case he said that he was “too fat” when he was admitted into Intensive Care at St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Whatever we may think of him, he is at least trying to lead by example. With 64% of British adults being overweight (28.7% of these are obese), he certainly needs to do something.

As we are now in September many health and fitness professionals are reminding us that this is the ideal time to begin a new regime. With this in mind I asked a wide range of friends a simple question: ‘What do you do to keep fit and healthy?’

Amusingly, I received a mixed response. Some thought I was joking, some replied, ‘Why are you asking me?’ But everyone, after considering it, was able to identify several ways in which they keep fit and healthy.

I haven’t used anyone’s name, age, gender or other personal details. Please read on and see what tips you can pick up to become fitter and healthier this September.

  • I drink plenty of water each day. I make sure I have vegetables or salad with most meals. And I try to exercise at least twice a week
  • I go on the exercise bike at home for 30 minutes every other day. I do some yoga to stretch my muscles, I go dog walks with my boyfriend and I try to eat a balanced diet.
  • I try to walk 5 miles a day. I eat healthily, lots of fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit
  • I’ve been doing a lot of walking since lockdown. And I do a lot of gardening.

Gardening is good for your physical and mental health
  • I think a mix of things are needed to be fit and healthy: good food, exercise, sleep, positive relationships (family and friends), and challenging yourself
  • I don’t exercise much, but i try to eat healthy meals. And I rarely drink alcohol
  • I eat really well with loads of fresh vegetables, a balanced diet. I run a B&B and my days are spent doing laundry, housework and gardening. And I do three long walks with an exercise buddy
  • I start the day with hot water, lemon and honey. I drink 2 litres of water, go for a daily walk to raise my heart rate, and make a third of my plate vegetables
  • I drink plenty of water and eat balanced meals, including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. For my mental health I share my concerns and worries. I find that sounding out issues often gives you a solution or makes the issue seem ‘smaller’
The NHS guide to eating well is an excellent place to start. You review what you eat and get ideas on how you can improve your diet.

  • I go for long walks (5 miles each day), a 10 minute workout that includes 50 press ups, a 2 minute plank, stretching, star jumps, squat thrusts. I also use dumbells.
  • I exercise everyday and stay away from bread! Cycle and sweat!
  • Regular exercise, a balanced diet, drink plenty of water. And a decent amount of sleep!
  • I eat healthily, listen to my body, walk/run, mobility exercise, plenty of sleep, and I practice self-care by giving time to myself to look after my body and mind
  • I cook fresh food every day, I try to exercise every day. I run every other day, and do skipping, weights, core work on the other day. I don’t eat red meat. And I sing!!
  • I eat well, making all my meals from fresh. I walk loads and i enjoy running. I sleep well. I’m positive and I always try to look forward. I’m optimistic!!
  • I walk everywhere I can, eat everything with moderation. I cook all my food, have balanced meals, I like variety and avoid eating the same meals, I get plenty of sleep. I limit alcohol, I have a good exercise routine that I stick to throughout the week. I enjoy being active!
Are you prioritising sleep?
  • I walk, run, practice mindfulness and yoga and play football. I have a growth mindset and take on new challenges. I enjoy learning.
  • I walk and run. I enjoy hoovering!! I coach a football team. I have the occasional healthy meal. I do meditation and mindfulness. I need to think positively to keep the depression at bay.
As soon as you start to move you will feel better. Guaranteed!!
  • As for keeping fit, honestly, I just run around, housekeeping, cooking and washing!!
  • I eat healthy food, go for a walk each day. I drink lots of water.
  • I do rowing, yoga in my living room, lots of long walks. I want to cycle more. I’m eating more fish. I plan healthy meals and shop accordingly. I have a meal planner and know what we’re having 14 days in advance.
  • I diet wisely. I rarely eat bread, but when I do it’s whole meal, I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. For lunch I always have a good variety of protein. I try and do as much walking as I can, and I’ve started doing some light weights to tone myself up. I don’t drink alcohol. Discipline is a big factor in my weight loss journey. I have a determined nature and this sees me through
  • Cycling and walking the new puppy
  • Cycling, walking, playing/listening to music, reading scripture
  • I’ve been playing “it” with my my grandchildren!!
  • I drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and have cut down on stodgy carbs. And I try not to snack between meals.
  • I try to stick to a routine. I find that fast walking is really good, exercises to strengthen muscles, and a good diet.

And the final Top Tip comes from the Prime Minister’s personal trainer, Harry Jameson, ‘If I was going to purchase a single piece of equipment to train with at home, it would be a kettlebell,’ says Jameson. ‘It’s a fantastic full-body training tool that allows you to constantly change up your routine without getting bored.’

If it’s good enough for the Prime Minister then it’s good enough for you. But do you know what to do with it??
There are lots of good workouts online, or you could book a session with a personal trainer for some expert advice.

Thank you reading this blog. And if you were a contributor, thank you for your tips and wonderful ideas. From going through them similar themes kept reappearing:

  • What you eat
  • What you drink
  • How you move
  • How you rest


  • What you think 🤔


What’s your answer?

I’d love to hear what you think about this blog or what you’re going to change?

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